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move people with music.

Boston native Sariah arrived in New York City in 2004 with one goal: to move people with music. Shaping her sound at Marymount Manhattan Theatre Performing Arts College, the dance/pop artist first hit the scene with 2010's Deep N Luv, which landed on the Billboard Club Chart along with its follow up, All About Sex. With endorsements from bloggers like Perez Hilton and the support of Dance Radio DJs, Sariah’s immersion into the world of production royalty began. 2015's release of Sariah’s Queen of Hearts EP sparked the interest of Grammy-winning producer Dave Audé, whose remix of Sariah's Aware Alive Awake hit #23 on the Billboard Dance Chart. "Working on Queen of Hearts, my feet were planted on the ground and I knew what I wanted. It was more of a collaboration with the producers than I had experienced before." A series of successful remixes followed with Hype Machine favorites such as Reuben Keeney, as well as a collaboration with YouTuber Sam Tsui (their cover of Pharrell's Happy has over 2 million views), cementing Sariah's place on the throne of the industry. Inspired by Queen of Hearts, Sariah launched a beauty line, Sariah Queen, which recently unveiled its signature lipstick color, affectionately named "Queen of Hearts," and will soon have its own party anthem penned by Corey Chorus. Currently putting the finishing touches on her fall release, Sariah is ready to take on the scene with a fresh approach. Teaming up with LA based producers Free Slice, her next EP will be a series of remixes, bringing a new sound to songs like "Waiting For Tonight" by Jennifer Lopez. "Free Slice sent me this track, and it has such a deep bass EDM-type sound to it. The goal is to put my touch on these songs and release them to a wider audience who will then come back and hear my originals." Along with the new release in 2016 comes a more mature artist. "Since the release of songs like All About Sex, I have matured so much as a woman through relationships and life. I think about how I would handle that situation today and it's completely different - naturally my music would grow in the same way."



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