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For Boston native Sariah, finding her voice of bravery was a process, not an event. Her music has inspired audiences from listening rooms in her current home, New York City, as well as crowded dance floors in the UK. Sariah’s collaboration with Grammy-winner Dave Audé “Aware, Alive, Awake” hit #23 on the Billboard Dance Chart. A series of successful remixes followed with Hype Machine favorites such as Reuben Keeney, as well as a collaboration with YouTuber Sam Tsui (their cover of Pharrell's Happy has over 2 million views), all of it empowering Sariah and encouraging her to raise her voice, to do something more. 

Along with owning her own record label titled "Reigning Hearts Records," Sariah is thrilled to be working on a brand new album releasing in 2024 with her co-writer and producer Corey Gibson. She is excited, and nervous, to share a very intimate and honest album of her recent journeys of learning to find herself now and during the pandemic.

Additionally, Sariah is spreading a message of female empowerment and awareness through her inspiring BRAVE concert series. BRAVE is a celebration of female strength through music, the show features all female performers on stage, with all proceeds donated to the Covenant House in Guatemala specifically. The Covenant House is an international support organization, and at the Guatemala location they focus on assisting women and children who have been victims of sex trafficking.

Sariah is planning her next BRAVE show and acoustic performances of her new material.  She truly hopes these help others who may have needed to know that it's okay not to be okay, especially during these past few years.  


Stay tuned here for more updates coming soon!

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